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What is a Life Settlement?

A Life Settlement is the sale of an existing Life Insurance policy. In a Life Settlement, the Policy Owner sales the policy to a new owner in exchange for a lump-sum of cash.

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How does the Life Settlement process work?

The ownership of the policy changes from the Original Owner to a New Owner who pays any remaining premium payments due and becomes the Beneficiary of the policy.

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How do I start the Life Settlement process?

As a licensed Life Settlement Broker, IMS Settlements can help you review all of your options and ensure that you receive the most money for your policy if you decide to sell it.

What Kind of Life Insurance Policies Qualify?

There are a variety of Life Insurance policies that can potentially qualify for a Life Settlement. Parameters for every case may vary but generally there are a few things to consider include the Type of Policy, Insured's Age, Face Amount, and Health Status.

What Kind of Life Insurance Policies Qualify?

There are a variety of Life Insurance policies that may qualify for a Life Settlement. Parameters for every case varies but generally there are a few things to consider, including the Type of Policy, Insured's Age, Face Amount, and Health Status.

Type of Policy

Universal Life

Indexed Universal Life

Whole Life

Convertible Term

Non Convertible Term

Joint Survivorship Policies

Variable Life

*Check with IMS if your policy type is not listed.

Insured's Age

Ages 65 and Older
(some younger ages can qualify)

Generally the older the Insured the larger the value of the Life Settlement

Face Amount

$100,000 - 100,000,000+

The larger the policy the larger potential value of the Life Settlement.

Health Status

A moderate or major change in the Insured's health since policy issue.

A more significant change in health since policy Issue creates more value in a Life Settlement.

Life Settlement Success Stories

Life Settlement Brokerage

Michael, an 82 year old male living by himself and was beginning to have issues supporting himself day to day. Michael owned a $250,000 Universal Life policy with an Annual Premium of $9,575 dollars. Michael sold his policy and used the money to pay for In-Home Long-Term Care support to allow him to maintain his independence and remain in his home.

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Robert was 74 years old and had $1,500,000 Convertible Term policy that was expiring. When he called his advisor to discuss surrendering his policy he discovered his policy could be Converted and Sold. Robert went from surrendering his policy for no value to selling his policy for the highest market value.

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Cheryl & Tom were both 78 years old, their children had grown up and were all financially independent. While they had health issues they were both still full of passion and were able to sell their $2,000,000 Joint Survivor Life policy and use the funds to travel the country in their RV.

*The above are based on real stories but have been fictionalized for illustrative purposes. IMS's client information is always kept strictly confidential.

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Benefits of a
Life Settlement

Selling an existing Life Insurance policy can provide many
benefits to the Policy Owner:

  • Lump-Sum Cash Payment
  • Remove burden of Premium Payments
  • Use money for Medical Expenses or Quality of Life improvements

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IMS Settlements

IMS Settlements is a top Life Settlement broker and one of
the established leaders in the market:

  • Over 50 years of combined experience
  • Highest Standards of Professionalism and Integrity
  • Express Policy Pricing
  • Propriety pricing models and Valuation Methods
  • IMS Promise - Satisfaction Guarantee
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