What is a Life Settlement?

Are you looking for a life settlement company, or simply want more information about life settlements? A Life Settlement refers to the sale of an existing life insurance policy. The policy owner transfers the policy to a new owner in exchange for a lump-sum of cash. The ownership of the policy changes hands and the new owner assumes the premium payments and becomes the beneficiary. A life insurance settlement broker can help you consider this option and ensure that you receive the most money for your policy if you decide to sell it.

(Note that while the terms “viatical settlement” and “life settlement” are sometimes used interchangeably, a viatical settlement generally refers to a transaction that involves a policy holder who is terminally or chronically ill. A settlement involves a policy holder who is typically over age 65 and who has had a change in health status. However, some states use the term “viatical settlement” for any sale of an insurance policy.)

Benefits of a Life Settlement

Selling an existing life insurance policy can provide many benefits to the policy owner. First, while the sale results in a price that is less than the policy’s death benefits, it’s usually significantly higher than the policy’s cash surrender value. You can use or invest the proceeds from the sale for living expenses, medical bills, or any other purposes.

There are numerous reasons why selling your policy with a life settlement broker might be the right decision for you. For example:

  • You no longer want or need the policy in question.
  • You need the money from the sale of the policy for healthcare costs or other living expenses.
  • You can no longer afford the cost of the premium payments.
  • You’re considering surrendering the policy for cash value.
  • You’ve changed your estate plan and want access to cash now.
  • You would like money for investments

Why Use IMS Settlements?

Want to work with one of the best life insurance brokers? We offer you:

  • Over 50 years of Combined Industry Experience
  • Competitive and Transparent Auction Process
  • Robust Portfolio of Buyers
  • Life Settlement Training and Education
  • IMS Satisfaction Promise
  • Free and Fast Policy Valuations

Policies That Qualify

There are numerous life insurance policies that can be the subject of a life settlement. Typical provisions include the following:

  • Type: Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, Whole Life, Convertible Term, Non Convertible Term and Joint Survivorship Policies

  • Insured Age: Ages 70+ (some younger ages can qualify)

  • Face Amounts: $100,000 – 100,000,000+

  • Health Status: The Insured has experienced a moderate or major change in his or her health since policy issue

About Us

IMS Settlements is a top life settlement  broker and one of the established leaders in this competitive market. As a life settlement broker, we have more than 50 years of combined life insurance industry experience. Further, we have established an expansive network of institutional funding and life settlement purchasers.

Our experience, knowledge, and network mean that you’ll receive more bids — and higher bids — for your life settlement. We strive to ensure you receive the maximum value for your existing policy. We work with financial professionals and policy owners to help them evaluate, assess, and sell their policies efficiently and transparently — and we can help you do the same. Contact us today to learn more about how we will assist you.