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As a leading Life Settlement Broker, IMS Settlements partners with both Policy Owners and Financial Professionals in navigating the Life Settlement process.

Our simplified and transparent process allows you to quickly maximize the value of your Life Insurance policy.

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What is a
Life Settlement?

A Life Settlement is the sale of an existing Life Insurance policy. In a Life Settlement, the Policy Owner sales the policy to a new owner in exchange for a lump-sum of cash.

How does the Life Settlement process work?

The ownership of the policy changes from the Original Owner to a New Owner who pays any remaining premium payments due and becomes the Beneficiary of the policy.

How do I start the Life Settlement process?

As a licensed Life Settlement Broker, IMS Settlements can help you review all of your options and ensure that you receive the most money for your policy if you decide to sell it.


Benefits of a Life Settlement

Selling an existing Life Insurance policy can provide many
benefits to the Policy Owner:

  • Lump-Sum Cash Payment
  • Remove burden of Premium Payments
  • Use money for Medical Expenses or Quality of Life improvements
  • Pay for Long-Term Care

Why Work with
IMS Settlements?

IMS Settlements is a top Life Settlement broker and one of the established leaders in the market:

  • Over 50 years of combined experience
  • Highest Standards of Professionalism and Integrity
  • Express Policy Pricing
  • Propriety pricing models and Valuation Methods
  • IMS Promise – Satisfaction Guarantee


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