How a Life Settlement Works

A Life Settlement can be a complicated process but IMS Settlements is here to simplify the process. A Life Settlements is simply the sale of an existing Life Insurance policy to a third party institutional investor or Life Settlement provider.

As a Life Settlement Broker, IMS Settlements works closely with advisors to simplify the Life Settlement process down to three simple steps:

Evaluate the Policy, & Underwrite the Client's Health

Shop the Market for Best Offers

Complete Transaction with the Highest Bidder

A Win/Win Propostion

The Life Settlement market is a market place in which all participants mutually benefit:

The Seller rids themselves of paying premiums and receives cash in exchange

The Buyer obtains a valuable contract with a Life Insurance company

The Life Insurance Company keeps its policy in force and continues to collect premium

Financial professionals that partner with IMS


"IMS always provides me and my clients with top service and great offers."


"IMS always provides me and my clients with top service and great offers."

How IMS Settlements Can Help

Simply put, IMS Settlements knows how to sell your life insurance. We have more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry and relationships with a multitude of life settlement providers to draw the highest possible bids. Contact IMS today for your Free Policy Assessment.

  • Industry Best Expertise
  • Competitive & Transparent Auction Process
  • IMS Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Proprietary Policy Pricing Model

IMS Satisfaction Guarantee

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We hold ourselves to the highest standards of Service and Professionalism so if you don't like our work or our offers - let us know in writing and we will turn over your file.