How to Sell a Life Insurance Policy?

Whether your financial strategy involves supplementing your retirement income, saving on premiums for a policy you no longer need, or finding a way to pay for long-term care, a Life Settlement may be the solution.

The good news is the process does not have to be complex. IMS Settlements will oversee the entire process and work with your or your financial representative to obtain the highest possible value for your policy.

The Life Settlement Process

Our role is to make the process convenient and transparent for you while striving to maximize your payout. All you have to do is decide to sell the policy and collect the cash!

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Key Steps to Selling Your Life Insurance

Evaluate and assess the worth of your policy

The value of a policy in a Life Settlement is determined by a myriad of factors including the amount of the death benefit, policy premium amount, type of policy, and the insured's age and medical condition, amongst others.

Secure the Best Offer

IMS Settlements shops your policy with numerous potential buyers ensuring the highest possible offers for your policy. As an established broker IMS Settlements has a robust portfolio of buyers and network nationwide.

Navigate the Transaction

Regulations dictate various parts of the life settlement process. IMS understands the regulatory landscape and works to ensure the life settlement transaction is finalized and in compliance.

IMS Settlements provides you with a straight forward and transparent Process

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What About Term Policies?

Yes, Term policies may have value to Life Settlement providers because many can be converted to a permanent policy, so investors will still collect when the insured dies. Even nonconvertible term policies can be sold under certain circumstances.


"IMS worked hard to help educate us about the process and the suitability of a life settlement. Once we got the process started he was transparent and professional."

- Maggie M.

How IMS Settlements Can Help

Simply put, IMS Settlements knows how to sell your life insurance. We have more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry and relationships with a multitude of life settlement providers to draw the highest possible bids. Contact IMS today for your Free Policy Assessment.

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