Can Life Insurance Policies Be Sold?

Life insurance serves a variety of purposes, however as time goes on you may not always need a large life insurance policy, or any insurance at all.

We know your financial needs will change over time, your children may now be grown and financially independent, mortgage paid off, and now looking at retirement plan.

If this time comes it may be a good time to evaluate your assets and consider your options to leverage your Life Insurance.

The Life Settlement Option

With a life settlement, you can sell your current life insurance policy to a third party for a lump sum payment. The third party becomes the owner of the policy, is responsible for making the premium payments, and receives the death benefit when you pass away.


Typically to be eligible for a life settlement the policy owner:

  • Is aged 70 or older
  • Has had a negative change in health status
  • Owns a life insurance policy with a death benefit of at least $100,000

Types of Policies

Most types of life insurance can qualify:

  • Universal Life
  • Whole life
  • Variable Life
  • Term Life
  • Joint Survivorship policies
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Key Steps to Selling Your Life Insurance

The life settlement process usually involves the following:

  • 1 Contact a life settlement broker for a preliminary and informational conversation.
  • 2 Complete a Life Settlement Application.
  • 3 Your broker will obtain offers for your policy from life settlement providers/buyers.
  • 4 Once you accept an offer, policy ownership will be changed and sales proceeds will be released directly to you.

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"IMS always provides me and my clients with top service and great offers."


"IMS always provides me and my clients with top service and great offers."

How IMS Settlements Can Help

At IMS Settlements, we can help you determine whether a life settlement is an appropriate option for you. Contact us today for a Free Evaluation of your Life Insurance policy.

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