Life Settlements - Market Evolution

The change in the life settlement market continues to picks up pace and it is becoming increasingly important for market participants to communicate those changes to policy owners and financial advisors. IMS Associates is here to help all stake holders understand how the life settlement process fits into a well rounded financial strategy, and how changes in the market place can impact those planning strategies. We will continue to issue market updates, press releases, and marketing materials to help you stay up to date on the important issues facing our industry. Life settlements remain a prudent and beneficial option for policy owners looking to capitalize on the hidden liquidity in their life insurance policies. However, it is critical that extra due diligence and initial information gathering take place before a life settlement application is taken. This will lead to quicker deal processing and better decision making. Please contact us in the office to discuss any life settlement opportunities, so we can help guide you through every step of the process.


"IMS worked hard to help educate us about the process and the suitability of a life settlement. Once we got the process started he was transparent and professional."

- Maggie M.

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