Life Settlements & You

The life insurance settlements market emerged as financial professionals and policy owners began demanding more options for owners looking to surrender or cancel their life insurance policies. Life settlements are becoming a vital aspect of people’s financial plans as policy owners turn to the life settlement market to increase their available capital. As an experienced life settlement specialist and Life Settlement Brokers, IMS Associates can help determine which route is best for your clients.

How You Benefit

  • Receive commissions from the Life Settlement
  • Creates additional capital for your client
  • Use the proceeds to sell replacement Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Annuities, etc.
  • Offer a new value-added service

Life Settlement Opportunity

  • There is over $500 billion of in-force life insurance on people over the age of 65.
  • In 2006, approximately $15 billion of life settlements were sold, up from approximately $2 billion in 2002.
  • A large percentage of inforce policies have a Market Value which greatly exceeds the Cash Surrender Value.
  • 88% of Universal Life policies never result in a claim. They are either surrendered or allowed to lapse.

When to Consider a Life Settlement

  • Premiums are too expensive
  • Death of beneficiary
  • Client is thinking of letting the policy lapse
  • Insurance is no longer needed or has become unaffordable
  • Emergency need for capital, or to maintain one’s quality of life
  • Changing Estate Planning needs
  • Provides capital to purchase a new, more cost efficient Life Insurance policy, a Long-Term Care Policy, or Annuity
  • Buy-Sell Agreements, where the owners have retired or the business has been sold
  • Deferred Compensation plans, where the covered executive has left the company
  • Key-Man policies, where the insured has retired or left the company

Our Value Proposition to You

  • Experienced Experts: Life Settlements are our main line of business and we have helped countless Advisors and Policy Owners in successfully selling their policies.
  • Multiple Bids: We have relationships with over 35 institutional funding sources who competitively bid on our cases.
  • Highest Bids: We have internal proprietary pricing models which allow us to determine a policy’s full fair market value insuring policy owners get the most competitive offers.
  • Licensing & Compliance: We are licensed in the appropriate States and can help you obtain a Life Settlement license when required.
  • Sales Support: We provide you with client presentations, Policy Valuation Reports, marketing materials and advice to help you with every step of the Life Settlement process including developing and executing marketing campaigns.
  • Education & Training: We regularly host training Webinars and provide free educational materials. Call us to register for one of our upcoming Webinars.
  • Transaction Management: Experienced staff, deal management systems and 24/7 online access to Life Settlement case statuses help to keep you up to date and close deals as quickly as possible.

IMS Associates excels in providing an unparalleled level of service and expertise. We approach every case with dedication and creativity which ensures that the client’s needs are best met every time.

Advanced Planning Expertise

  • Advanced Tax Strategies
  • Trust Document Review
  • Term Conversions
  • 1035 Exchanges
  • Replacement Life Sales
  • In House Impaired Risk Underwriting
  • Annuities