Fiduciary Responsibility

When you have a fiduciary relationship with a client, it is always best to inform that client of all available financial options. Even if you do not have a fiduciary obligation to your client, staying informed and giving the best and most complete advice is advantageous both to you as an advisor and to your clientele. To ensure you are acting in your client's best interests, you may wish to take the following steps on his or her behalf:

Evaluate your client's overall financial situation to determine if a life settlement is an appropriate option

Analyze your client's probabilities in the Life Settlement market - Contact Us For Help

The most practical way to achieve this goal is to obtain multiple offers from a Life Settlement Broker.

Research the secondary market to select a highly regarded life settlement company who can deliver institutional funding from a licensed life settlement provider and a high level of service and expertise.

Secure the highest market valuation possible for your client's policy.

The Advisor's Role

A Life Settlement is a powerful solution used by financial consultants to help clients address changing Estate Tax Laws, Cost of Living, and alternatives to costly Insurance Premiums. As an Advisor and Fiduciary for your client it is important that you do regular policy reviews on your book of business. An important part of any Insurance review includes reassessing the need for coverage and determining how to make best use of your clients' resources.

By employing the services of a Life Settlement Broker or Viatical Settlement Broker such as IMS Settlements, we can assist in assessing the market value of your client's policies. IMS Settlements is a very reputable Life Settlement Broker and we bring years of experience and industry knowledge to each step of the Life Settlement Process - from Pre-Valuation to Closing.

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What it Means to You?

  • Regularly communicate with your clients
  • Review their changing needs and track policy performance
  • Provide multiple solutions addressing Insurance and Retirement Income Needs
  • Review Pros and Cons of any strategy, whether Selling an Entire Policy or utilizing a Retained Death Benefit
  • Mastering Life Settlements will allow you to Attract and Retain high net worth clients

Key Steps to Selling Your Life Insurance

Advisors are always encouraged to perform due diligence before recommending a Life Settlement to their clients but they should also perform due diligence on the Brokers and Institutional Investors structuring the Life Settlement transaction.

Navigating the Regulatory environment can be difficult as well and it may be best to enlist the assistance of a Life Settlement Expert.

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IMS Satisfaction Guarantee

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