Life Settlement Proceeds

Ways to Use Life Settlement Proceeds

There are no restrictions on the ways to use the Life Insurance Settlement proceeds. Life Insurance Settlement proceeds can be spent on taking a vacation, paying off your home, buying a new home, or saving the money for retirement. The proceeds can even be used to help fund the purchase of additional life insurance, long term care, or annuities.

Life Settlement Testimonial

Jack (72 year old) - Semi Valley, CA

“IMS Settlements was able to sell my life insurance policy for $82,000.00. I was able to pay off my condo and now I don’t have to worry about paying my premiums every month. At this stage in my life the life settlement proceeds I received have helped me to improve my quality of life.”


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"IMS Settlements was transparent, fast, and delivered
an unbelievable offer for my universal life policy."

- Bruce H.

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