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Our Firm

About IMS Settlements

IMS Settlements was started to help financial professionals and policy owners maximize the value of their existing life insurance policies. With over 50 years of combined life insurance industry experience, we have quickly become a powerful force in the life settlement industry. IMS Settlments has assisted countless financial professionals and policy owners in evaluating and selling their policies. IMS Settlements is a Life Settlement Company and Life Settlement Broker located in Orange County, California.

We have direct relationships with over thirty-five institutional funding and life settlement provider sources to ensure that each life insurance settlement case we handle receives the highest possible offer. Our internal pricing models, case management systems and wealth of experience are deployed to maximize policy value and create a smooth process for all involved.

Our Value Proposition to You

    • Industry Experts: Life Settlements are our main line of business. As experienced life settlement brokers, we have helped countless advisors and policy owners to successfully sell their policies.
    • Multiple Bids: We have relationships with over thirty-five institutional funding and life settlement provider sources who competitively bid on our cases.
    • Highest Bids: We have internal proprietary pricing models which allow us to determine a policy’s full fair market value, ensuring that policy owners receive offers that are more competitive than those of other life settlement companies.
    • Licensing & Compliance: We are a licensed life settlement broker and can help advisors obtain a life settlement license when required.
    • Sales Support: We provide you with client presentations, policy valuation reports, marketing materials and advice to help you with every step of the life settlement process
    • Life Settlement Education & Life Settlement Training:We regularly host life settlement training Webinars and provide free life settlement educational materials
    • Transaction Management: Experienced staff, deal management systems and 24/7 online access to life settlement case status help to keep you up-to-date and close deals as quickly as possible.

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